My Laser Hair Removal Journey

Transgender India has received this Article from one of our Talk user Pixellet. Pixellet share their Personal Journey with laser hair removal Treatment. This is going to be a long story as every part of it has something to learn from. This is my...

How to find a trans friendly Psychiatrist?

Every person has biases and so do the psychiatrists. You might encounter transphobic psychiatrists. Look out for the following red signals when you meet your psychiatrist. Asking for parental consent: After the age of 18, everyone can access Gender Affirmative Care without parental consent. Moreover,...

Yvo Manuel Vas Dias , Kalki Subramaniam and Neysara discuss Transgender activism and culture

Yvo Manuel Vas Dias, Kalki Subramaniam and Neysara discuss Transgender activism and culture. Yvo explains the journey of trans emancipation in netherlands. Kalki speaks about the same in India. Neysara speaks about the journey and challenges ahead for trans emancipation in India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transitioning

I’m too old to transition? No, no matter your age you can always transition. Of course there are limitations, but it’s never too late to be yourself. How much time does transitioning from male to female take? (the answer to same question for female to...

How can I self medicate my gender transition?

How can I self medicate? How difficult it is to get Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and how much can it cost ? Where can i get hormone pills? What is the name of estrogen tablets in India? etc are some of the...