Yvo Manuel Vas Dias , Kalki Subramaniam and Neysara discuss Transgender activism and culture


Yvo Manuel Vas Dias, Kalki Subramaniam and Neysara discuss Transgender activism and culture. Yvo explains the journey of trans emancipation in netherlands. Kalki speaks about the same in India. Neysara speaks about the journey and challenges ahead for trans emancipation in India.

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Neysara is a human rights activist and founder of TransgenderIndia.com. She is a strong believer in the power of awareness and knowledge as tools to help people, particularly when amplified through technology. Through her initiative, www.TransgenderIndia.com, she empowers thousands of transgender people across India with awareness and knowledge to make informed choices, thereby preventing them from being lured into sexual or labor trafficking in the name of culture or tradition. In India, transgender people are seen as sub-human, and trafficking of transgender people is not even considered trafficking, but a cultural tradition that is neither questioned by the state nor by the young persons that partake in it. Currently the information on the TransgenderIndia platform is translated into six major Indian languages, helping information break through socio-economic and language barriers.


  1. I liked how Yvo eloquently put it: “It was not talking about transgender people but with.” This is where the Indian government took the back burner in drafting the Bill of Rights. It’s the government’s responsibility to initiate and facilitate dialogue with a diverse representation from a marginalized community.

    Not only did the government fail in doing that, but they have also been actively handpicking the only representation from the community that’s expressly supportive of the government and their caste-based ideology, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (a UC, Brahmin, by the way) and her partner, Aryan Pasha, for example. To tell it how it is, such uneducated and misinformed people in power have done more harm than good to the community (if there ever was one).


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