T-Talks: Shelter home Garima Greh FT Rudrani Chhetri

https://www.youtube.com/embed/zkXQXGo989Q In continuation of the T-Talks series, Transgender India with streaming partner Feminisminindia is excited to inform that for our next episode we are talking to Rudrani Chhetri from Mitr Trust (MSM/TG CBO) who is running a Garima Greh in Delhi.We will be talking about...

Episode 2- T Talks Emergency Shelter Homes With Gautam

We are excited to announce that we will have a live with Gautam from Tweet Foundation He will talk about Aasra- a shelter home for Transmen and the brilliant work that they are doing in empowering Trans people and the Trans movement in India.On...

Badhaai Do: A Lavender Wedding Story

Badhaai Do is a new release that stars Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar and follows a gay man and a lesbian woman who are planning to marry each other for the sake of their families. This is also known as a lavender marriage. Lavender marriages exist in this society and Badhaai Do tries to bring out this to the forefront.

100 Women Using their #PowerToEmpower

Painting of Neysara by artist Gayle Kabaker on Google lens
The exhibition is being held by Vital Voices, an international non-profit organization that trains and supports women leaders all around the globe. The main purpose of the project is to highlight those women who use their power to empower others in their communities and...

Amazing How I Changed My Name And Gender Hacks

UPDATE: Since the Transgender person's protection of Rights Act, the name and gender change for transgender people have to be approved by a district magistrate (court judge). The procedures and rules for the judge are not fully confirmed yet....