Estrogen patches in India

Disclaimer : We are not medical doctors. This article is published only for general knowledge about Estrogen patches in India. Please consult your endocrinologist before making any changes to your HRT regime.

Estrogen Patches deliver estrogens to our blood transdermally, i.e., the medicines that are absorbed through the skin. Estrogen Patches are used in cross-gender hormone replacement therapy.

Estrogen during transition

A endocrinologist may prescribe estrogen as part of feminizing Hormone replacement therapy along . The person may also need anti-androgenic treatment. Estrogen therapy can be administered in different forms. There are five forms that are majorly used.

  • Oral : In this method, you swallow the estogen pill.
  • Sublingual : This method is when you keep the estrogen pill under your tongue. In just five minutes, the pill dissolves and estrogen enters the bloodstream.
  • Plasters : Estrogen plasters may be either 1, 2 or 3 day plasters. This plaster is pasted on hairless skin which is under the naval region, like on the bare butt skin.
  • Cream: Putting on estrogen cream which is also put on hairless spots.
  • Injections: The last way is to take estrogen injections but they are not recommended by most doctors in India or abroad. The injections leads to sudden and irregular fluctuations in blood estrogen levels, which can lead to a lot of undesirable side effects. So, it is usually not a recommended mode of administration. From what we understand through our consultations with various Indian and international endocrinologists is , there is no considerable benefits on feminizations for injections vs other methods of estrogen administration. But if you are taking estrogen injections then please be cautious and be in regular contact with your doctor.


Estrogen patches are rarely available in India. To get them one has to have access to big pharmaceuticals that import them from abroad. Stores in big cities like Delhi have these shops and they are usually accessible online and can deliver the patches to you after you have completed the online payment.

Importers in India :

Nath Brothers, Shop No. 2G Ground Floor Marine Arcade Rajiv chowk metro station Gate no 1, Block G, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
Phone: +91 11 2332 7284

Patch cost: approx INR 100 per 3 day patch. It is sold in a pack of 8 patches per box.

Brand Names : Estraderm MX100(equivalent to 2mg estrogen), Estraderm MX 50 (equivalent to 1mg estrogen) and Estradiol Sandax

Monthly Expenses: A box usually has 8 patches and each patch can work for 3 to 4 days. 2 Estraderm100mx Patch per week is equivalent to a week of 2mg oral estrogen tablets. A month’s spending on the patches equivalent to 2mg pills will be about 800 rupees. In India, imports usually sell three months’ supply at once, so a single order can be up to Rs 2400.

How To use the patch:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water .
  • Carefully tear open the packet . Do not use scissors to open the packet.
  • Place the patch on the skin and Pull off the back film of the patch. Patch must be applied on a clean, dry, and hair-free skin of the lower stomach or upper buttock area. This area must be free of powder, oil, or any cream.
  • Press the patch firmly in place with your hand for about 10 seconds.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Do not apply the patches consecutively on the same skin area. Always swap the area of the skin that you put patches on. Wait at least 1 week before applying a patch to the same area. For Example: if you wore a patch on your left bum cheek from Monday to Thursday, then were the patch on your right bum cheek from Thursday to Monday. Let that left bum cheek skin rest and breath free for a few days baybey đŸ™‚ .
  • After putting on the estrogen patches you can do some moderate exercise but excessive exercising and sweating would result in the gum getting less effective on your body and coming off before it completes its 3-day duration.
  • The gum might also cause allergic reactions on the spot where it is on, so there might be itching, redness and small pimples called hives appears on the skin.
  • This could be solved by trying out patches from different brands. But if your skin is still sensitive to such gum, maybe it’s best to consult a doctor and discuss using estrogen cream instead.
  • You may take a bath, shower, or swim with the patch on. Doing so will not affect the patch.
  • Do not
    • apply the patch on the breast or over any skin folds.
    • apply the patch on oily, broken, burned, or irritated skin, or areas with skin conditions (eg, birth marks, tattoos).
    • apply the patch on the waistline or other places where tight clothing may rub it off.
  • Wear the patch at all times until it is time to put on a new patch. Do not expose it to the sun for long periods of time.
  • When changing a patch, slowly peel it off from your skin. If you have any patch adhesive left on your skin, allow it to dry for 15 minutes and gently rub the sticky area with oil or lotion to remove it. It is best to change your patch on the same days of each week to help you remember.
  • If a patch falls off, just put it back on a different area. If the patch does not stick completely, put on a new patch but continue to follow your original schedule for changing your patch.
  • To throw away a used patch: Fold the patch in half with the sticky side together. You may dispose this in the plastic trash away from children and pets. Do not flush the patch down the toilet.

Pros of Patches

  • Easier on liver.
  • Safer for people above 40 years of age.
  • Same feminization effects as other forms of estrogen.
  • You can stick it on and not worry about having to take a pill each day.

Cons of Patches

  • More expensive than other forms of administration.
  • Falls off the skin by excessive sweating.
  • May be irritating in Hot Indian summers.
  • Gum on the patches may cause skin irritations or allergies in some people.
  • Not really ideal if you are on high doses of estrogen, since you will soon run out of skin to paste them.

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