Will my breast develop with HRT? or Do I need implants? by Dr. Debmalya Sanyal

If you have gotten your Hormone Therapy but you are not so happy with the development of your breast, how long must you wait before you can get your surgery with breast implants? Dr Debamalya Sanyal is here to answer these questions for you.

When does breast development start?

Breast development starts 2-3 months after one starts Hormone Replacement Therapy. And the whole effect begins from 2 to 3 years, which occurs even in cis people, in normal puberty. So, Dr Sanyal advises, “You have to give it time, you cannot rush into it.”

A lot of people want to increase their dosage of estrogen too quickly. The thing that has to be realised, according to Dr Sanyal is that it is a gradual process. It cannot be rushed. If you rush through it then the whole architecture becomes different. So you have to understand, that has to be made clear.

Wait Time

Dr Sanyal advises that waiting for at least 6 months to a year would be better because then you would have given adequate time for natural development.

“I have had a number of patients”, Dr Sanyal says, “who do not go for breast augmentation surgeries.” So it can be achieved without going for these. It can be avoided.

But of course if it is not adequate enough as one requires then one can obviously go for breast augmentation surgery.

But do give 6 months to a years time before you take that decision.



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