What is Peritoneal Fold in Vaginoplasty? by Dr. Salil Patil

There is a lot of excitement these days among Trans women about this technique. But there are a few important questions that arise pertaining to this technique.

What is it?

So first things first. What is this technique? Dr Salil explains, “Well, the Peritoneal is the area that is the stomach cavity where all your liver, intestines and all are situated. The covering of that area is called peritoneal. Now, this peritoneal sheet, or cover which is a tissue is a great tissue. It has a really high capacity for repairing itself. So if you get hurt or injured in the stomach then it is peritonea’s work to repair it and prevent infection.”

How is it done?

By using this peritoneal sheet or fold, one can construct a vagina. The sheet that exists that we get out through laparoscopy where we go inside and then separate the sheet from the wall of our stomach. The sheet is made into a cylindrical tube, then we take it to the back, from your legs, bring it down and then where the scrotum and penis used to be before they got taken out. From the scrotal skin, the vaginal lips are constructed and the penis skin is used to make a tube and then connect it with the previous tube.”

Advantages of the method

Dr Salil Patil says that this method is useful because the connecting of the tube ensures that you have a really long vagina and the peritoneal takes up some characteristics of the skin and it functions like a vagina. And in the peritoneal, there are your own secretions and your own liquids that increase the moisture of the vaginal cavity. This makes sure that you would need less lubrication. It doesn’t erase the need of lubrication completely, just decreases it by a lot.”

“So the technique is great and because you are not touching the bowel at all, so the integrity of the bowel is maintained and its complications are reduced by a lot.”

“For people who don’t have long penis skin, this is a great technique. So this is definitely recommended for those people who do not have adequate penis skin. This should be the gold standard technique. And a different technique isn’t needed here.”


Dr Salil admits that there is a drawback to this technique that he sees. “There have to be two places where the surgery takes place. First is your stomach where it happens laparoscopically and the other is from below. If the person already has a long penis skin then you don’t need this. If your skin isn’t adequate then you can use this technique. Definitely, it can be made in this way, this technique is really good. But it is not useful for everyone, those who need it can go ahead with this.”



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