What are the documents needed for a vaginoplasty?

Documentations are an extremely important part of vaginoplasty. Dr Salil Patil believes that surgery is not merely a physical thing like we are led to believe, “It is also emotional, social, mental, psychological as well as legal procedure.”

You have to consider all these aspects before going for the procedure.

Important things to note

Dr Patil reminds patients of a few very important things before the SRS happens:

  1. “So before going for surgery one thing is very important to note and that is that you need to know that what is going to be done is permanent. There is no way to reverse this. Once the SRS is done, that is how you are going to be. Your appearance can be changed but your functions cannot.
  2. Natural child-bearing cannot happen after the SRS is done.

These two things are to be kept in mind, and it is something that we will remind you of before taking the treatment further.”

Psychiatric Evaluation

If you have a psychiatrist’s evaluation or a psychological analysis hasn’t happened then we will make that happen for you. Two dependable psychiatrists have to ascertain that you have gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. If you have these things then you should go ahead with the further procedures. That is the only reason why you should go ahead with the surgery.

So the first main document is An Independent evaluation by two psychiatrists.

This evaluation is essential for both hormone therapy and Vaginoplasty. For top surgery, you can go without the analysis but hormone therapy and Vaginoplasty can only be performed after you get these documents ready.


The second thing is more of a legal requirement. It is an affidavit, with the diagnosis that you got and that you want to go ahead with this surgery that is permanent and irreversible. And you have full knowledge of what is happening. So this affidavit, with these things written on it is an essential document here.

Pre-surgery these papers should be kept ready. That is the main documentation here.

Is it compulsory?

Are these documents really compulsory, can’t the surgeries not be done without them? Well, Dr Salil says, “Ideally the document should be there for all kinds of gender reaffirmation surgeries but what is essential here is that it is present for bottom surgery and hormone treatment. It is compulsory for these two surgeries no matter what. For rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast reduction and all it is not mandatory but for vaginoplasty and hormone treatment, it is mandatory.


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