Vaginoplasty techniques and the cost of surgery by Dr. Salil Patil.

Vaginoplasty can be a scary process. As Trans people going through this process we have a lot of queries in our mind, Is this safe? What technique is right for me? Can I afford vaginoplasty? And others. Dr Salil answers all our queries about vaginoplasty.

A Two-way path

Dr Salil Patil wants you to know that this process is a “two-way street”. “You will talk to us, tell us what you want and then we will have a consultation and chat and then we will decide on it together.”

He further explains, “It is not up to me. You shouldn’t do it because I said so. We also have to discuss your expectations of the same. Also personal preferences matter a lot here. Everyone comes with a lot of research with themselves today, no one will come in directly. So people have these preconcieved notions about a few things and there are unnecessary doubts about matters or they have pretty strong biases.”


“Generally”, Dr Salil recounts, “During the physical examination that happens after the first consultation, in it, you can understand that the existing penile skin size and if it can help in creating an adequate sized vagina or not.”

How would they find out? Well Dr Salil explains, “If there has been previous operations and you have scars. If the patient was circumsized or not and if you were then the skin size would be smaller than the normal penile skin, so the one that exists is it adequate? So a proper physical examination will clear all these doubts and we can reach a clear result.”


Second thing, as Dr Salil highlights, “Is patient preference.”

Dr Salil’s Preferred Method

Dr Salil Patil talks about his preferred go to technique and explains how it works. ” The technique I prefer, my go-to method is penis skin inversion. That is my priority. So what I think of this is that, if the penis skin is adequate then we can create a vagina that is adequate as well. Because what I think is that the body should not be disturbed. If the penis skin isn’t adequate then we would have to think of additional methods and give options. So there are two methods, one is bowel in which the intestine is used to create the penis and the other is the peritoneal fold technique. In this too I would offer the peritoneal fold to the patient instead of the bowel method. The bowel method I’ll only keep for the second time.”


The cost of surgery will be different for the different methods that have been discussed. But as Dr Salil calculates, “For a bottom surgery in average the cost of surgery would be 2-4.5Lakhs. This depends on what surgery you are going forward with and your hospitisation amount. But this should be the approximate cost of the same. This would also include your medicines and your dilators.”


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