How to prepare before SRS?

A surgery is a major process which may have many risks involved, as Trans people it becomes important that we are prepared for the surgery so that the process becomes smoother and does not bring in any future complications:

About SRS

Dr. Salil Patil explains, “This is a major surgery, you are going to be making a lot of changes in your body. Additionally, the surgery is very invasive as well. So for this to go well we want your health to be on optimum levels.”


Dr Patil says that “maintaining your general health is obviously an important thing here. But the specifics you should keep in mind are that you should stop consuming alcohol and smoking.”

Stop Smoking

Dr Patil asserts that, “Stopping smoking is 100 percent beneficial to the body. Because of smoking blood supply reduces in a lot of places in the body including your skin, your bowels etc. Healing takes more time in such a case. So your target areas would take a long time to heal. There might also be small complications like a little bleeding or bruising, whose chances increase because you smoke. So definitely it is important that you stop smoking or at least avoid smoking at least from two weeks prior to the surgery. It will be really beneficial for you.”

No more alcohol

Secondly, Dr. Patil says, “There is alcohol or any other addictions, if you have them then you need to stop them definitely. It is a thumb rule that at least 10 days before hand- whatever addictions you have and whatever external intake you have, you need to stop it. And as long as you are medically fit, because there will be a host of tests conducted right before the surgery which will measure your blood pressure, sugar etc. So if you are medically fit before the surgery then your recovery will be good. You will recover fast and you will get back to yourself soon.”

Follow these for faster recovery

Like Dr said it is important to follow these dictums to recover quicker.

“So other than being active, and in general good health, stopping the consumption of these substances, I suggest would be a really good thing.”


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