Top 5 Trans-friendly Companies In India 2022-23 | The Periferry List

Trishala makes a comprehensive list of companies:

  1. So one is ANZ bank
  2. Then, we have Wells Fargo
  3. JP Morgan
  4. And of course HP.

Trishala explains the reasoning behind these companies making it to the list over the others. “So some of the reasons behind putting them down as the best companies that are inclusive is because they have partnered with us a lot in the last year and we are able to do much more because the intent is coming directly from the companies and they want to constantly engage with us in whether it is upskilling or whether it is hiring right?

What about other policies?

Trishala talks about Deloitte and companies like them thinking of newer ways to make things more inclusive. “So regardless of how long the process took, even in terms, so Deloitte is one company that has come up with a programme where they are supporting Transgender people to study as well as do an internship so they actually take up the responsibility to support them in this education and while they are educating themselves, they are also sustaining themselves so all of these companies have gone above and beyond, right from revising their policies to some of them also have made infrastructural changes as you mentioned, gender neutral restrooms as well so according to us these companies have been really up to the mark and they’ve done their best to create an inclusive workspace so yeah that would be my names for the inclusive companies.”

Are only MNCs involved in these inclusive activities?

To this Trishala replies, “It’s not just MNCs we have a lot of startups who are reaching out. So actually larger firms take more time to sensitise and create a culture around this.”

So are Indian companies involved?

Indian companies are involved here, explains Trishala, “Smaller companies that are around us and that have originated in India itself take a lot more effort to create a culture than these companies from the beginning itself. So when you are starting and you are small it is easier for you to create an inclusive culture so you can take it forward but yes we are working with a lot of companies that are from India as well, not just MNCs. Ever since we started also we have seen a lot more companies come by and it’s been a huge change in the last five or six years so it’s just been onwards and upwards since.”


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