How to start sperm banking or adoption after vaginoplasty? by Dr. Salil Patil

Gender reaffirmation surgeries are irreversible surgeries, especially vaginoplasty. So because of this surgery, we cannot have our own biological child, because sperm production stops completely. In that case, and if you still want a biological child of your own in the future, or even if you don’t right now but want to keep your options open, it is smart to go for sperm banking.

Treatment discussion

Dr Salil Patil says that because this topic is so important and it is irreversible and such, ” We discuss it with each and every person when they come to us for consultation. Because after the surgery, after everything is done, your own kids i.e. kids who have your own genes cannot be conceived.”

“If you want kids with your own DNA, you want kids with the same genetic composition as you. So in this case the most important thing is to freeze the sperm. This option is discussed with every person who comes in for surgery.”

Has anyone done sperm banking with Dr. Salil?

Dr Salil adds, “very frankly, no one has followed up with this option. No one has shown interest in this. This might be because the process is new to people. And also, after you do freeze your sperm, the process after that would involve surrogacy, or IVF. And as of now, in our country, it isn’t popular. “

We want to get our life back on track

Dr Salil hypothesized that this lack of popularity can be because “The surgery makes it easy for us to get our life back on track and then set them on a path forward. It is only after that, with our partners may think about children. And if that happens, we can go for adoption. Or opt for no kids at all. Because the success rate in IVF and surrogacy is also very low. There is an added financial burden there. So considering all this, clients are thinking mostly about adoption or not having a child. This is why there has been no follow-up. That’s why in my personal practice, there is no person whose example I can give you.”


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