airport security

Transition and Transit : Passing Through Airport Security

Most Indian airports have security checks at airport entrances and then security screening inside as well. With gender mentioned on documents and boarding passes,...

Transition and Transit

Traveling through an airport during transition has it own challenges, From security checks to the immigration to even using a restroom. Establishing ones identity...
Sonia Sheikh transgender acid attack victim

Help Sonia , A Transwomen gang rape and acid attack survivor

Born into a large family with 6 sisters and 2 brothers, little did Sonia know that her transition from childhood to adulthood would be...
Transitioning at work

Being Transgender: Transitioning at Work in India

The article accounts experiences four transgender women have had while transitioning on the Job. These women were each asked a series of questions ranging...

Transgenie – Find your Transfriendly Specialist

Welcome to the TransGenie! As trans-individuals, one of our greatest struggles is often finding appropriate medical, legal or professional help. Through TransGenie, we aim...
Indian Passport in transgender flag

How to apply for a Passport in india being Transgender

I try to quickly sip the pipping hot coffee my aunt made and I pace in my room trying to collect information on how...
Lawyer hammer

Transgender community vs legal researchers

Source article : In a discussion between the transgender community & the legal research a few things that resonates repeteadly is : When it comes to...
gender and sexual diversity in ancient India

Talk By Gopi Shankar Madurai on Gender Minorities of Ancient India

Gender and sexuality are 2 different aspects that make an individual, but are often confused as same. We at, recently organized a seminar...