Transition and Transit

Traveling through an airport during transition has it own challenges, From security checks to the immigration to even using a restroom. Establishing ones identity...
Sonia Sheikh transgender acid attack victim

Help Sonia , A Transwomen gang rape and acid attack survivor

Born into a large family with 6 sisters and 2 brothers, little did Sonia know that her transition from childhood to adulthood would be...
Transitioning at work

Being Transgender: Transitioning at Work in India

The article accounts experiences four transgender women have had while transitioning on the Job. These women were each asked a series of questions ranging...

Transgenie – Find your Transfriendly Specialist

Welcome to the TransGenie! As trans-individuals, one of our greatest struggles is often finding appropriate medical, legal or professional help. Through TransGenie, we aim...
Indian Passport in transgender flag

How to apply for a Passport in india being Transgender

I try to quickly sip the pipping hot coffee my aunt made and I pace in my room trying to collect information on how...
Lawyer hammer

Transgender community vs legal researchers

Source article : In a discussion between the transgender community & the legal research a few things that resonates repeteadly is : When it comes to...
gender and sexual diversity in ancient India

Talk By Gopi Shankar Madurai on Gender Minorities of Ancient India

Gender and sexuality are 2 different aspects that make an individual, but are often confused as same. We at, recently organized a seminar...
Human Rights violation in hijra jamath system

Concerns of Human Rights Violations in Hijra Jamath System

Transgender India is in receipt of this article by a guest blogger and her experience. Laws are not made in isolation but in a socio-economic...

Note on the Critique of Transgender bill India 2016

I am in receipt of an article submitted by mail. I am publishing it here with a disclaimer that the opinion is that of...
The Gender Bear Spectrum

The gender Bear

The Gender Bear designed by the Justice for sisters, Malaysia is a perfect illustration of gender Spectrum. The illustration clearly differentiates and elucidates the terms...