No smoking, dieting- This is what you have to do for HRT

Before getting on HRT, one needs to have some lifestyle changes. It is important that HRT treatment works and additionally doesn’t harm you. It is imperative, hence, that you make some lifestyle changes to make sure that everything works well. Dr Kalra also highlights this, “HRT definitely requires lifestyle changes.”

Lifestyle for everyone

Dr Kalra also specifies that it is not just about HRT. “It is not only this, no smoking and alcohol should be the first dictum no matter if you are taking HRT or not. For anybody smoking and alcohol are harmful, there is no controversy.”

But why?

Smoking is injurious to our health as we all know but Dr Kalra says, “If you are on gender-affirming therapies then it is going to harm you even more if you are smoking or drinking. So there is no controversy on that.”

It has been proven that, depending on the type, duration and intensity of nicotine consumption, smoking can reduce or completely cancel the efficacy of orally administered estrogens.

Lifestyle changes

Dr Kalra says, “Coming to the lifestyle, yes, everybody has to do lifestyle modification. You have to exercise, go for a walk, and take a healthy diet. Again there is no controversy on that. Even if you are on or not on gender-affirming therapy, you have to follow your lifestyle, not smoke and not drink. That is the most important thing.”


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