Meet Dr. Richie Gupta: The Leading SRS Surgeon in India

Dr Richie Gupta, a leading GRS surgeon in India, practices at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. To schedule a consultation, here’s what you need to do…

Who is Dr Richie Gupta?

Dr Richie Gupta is currently the Director and Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Gender Affirmative Clinic, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

How much experience does Dr Richie Gupta have?

Dr Richie Gupta’s 29 years of experience in the field of Gender Reassignment Surgery make him a respected expert. He has been performing GRS “nearly since the beginning” and has now executed over 3500 surgeries. Dr Gupta acknowledges the necessity of a Gender Affirmative Team consisting of specialists from different specialties in order to properly serve the 250 patients they see annually.

How can you contact Dr Richie Gupta?

To schedule a consultation with Dr Richie Gupta, you can reach out to him in the following manner:-

To set up a consultation with Dr Richie Gupta, contact Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh at +91 11 45302222. The receptionist will then reach out to Nancy, Dr Gupta’s coordinator, to book a session for you.

You may also reach Dr Richie Gupta directly through WhatsApp and he will be able to answer any initial questions you may have. However, if the matter requires more in-depth discussion, it would be best to schedule a formal consultation.

Queries about costs are common, but answering questions through WhatsApp can lead to a fragmented understanding of the patient. According to Dr. Gupta, a formal consultation provides a more comprehensive picture of the patient and allows him to determine their requirements and readiness for the journey.

You can schedule a formal, physical, or tele-consultation with Dr. Gupta. A formal consultation is a 30-minute appointment that can be booked at Fortis Hospital. Alternatively, you can reach out to Nancy, Dr. Gupta’s coordinator, at 8802460050..

Or you can Schedule a tele-consultation with Dr. Gupta directly by messaging him on 9810052755. A meeting time will be arranged.

Cost of consultation

Booking a session with Dr. Gupta will cost Rs. 2000.


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