How to legally change your Gender and Name Without Gazette Notification


UPDATE: Since the Transgender person’s protection of Rights Act, the name and gender change for transgender people have to be approved by a district magistrate (court judge). The procedures and rules for the judge are not fully confirmed yet. But the described method may still work.

It is not always possible for everyone to travel to New Delhi for legal change of gender via gazette Notification. This method describes the process of legal gender Change on all your Identity cards without Gazette Notification.

Step 1 – Get An Affidavit | Cost – ₹300-350

One can get an affidavit for the change of name and gender from any notary. They normally charge around 300 rupees. A sample affidavit is available here for your reference.

Step 2 – Publish Newspaper Advertisement |Cost – ₹1550 (approx)

Choose any one local newspaper of your choice and submit a copy of the affidavit to place an Ad. You can easily do this online too, from the comfort of your home via . If you want to do it discreetly, choose a newspaper that’s less popular and it’ll save you few bucks too. The Ad will cost anywhere from 300 to 500 rupees. To give you an idea of how the Ad looks like, I’ve attached a template here

Step 3 – Get India Post Address Proof Card  (Optional)|Cost 

India post proof of address card
India post proof of address card

This is the easiest and least complicated Identity card you can apply for.  India post is an central Government Department. If you manage to get an ID card that’s issued by them , it will be accepted by almost all the government departments in the country as both an address and Identity proof . Once issued this card is valid for 3 years. After which you may renew this card for 150rs.

Process of application :

  1. Download the application form & fill it with your new name & gender.
  2. Photo: Two recent stamp size photo will be needed
  3. Address proof in your new name (May or may not be required depending on the post master): Rental agreement or any other address proof that matches with the address in the application.
  4. Personal identifiable mark- this is mandatory- note down any mole, cuts or unique identification marks on your body.

Go to the biggest post office near you and request for India post Proof of address card. Most post office staff will not know about this card, so you will have to do some explaining about the procedure to them. Keep in mind that some nosy post masters may request additional documentation. Submit your application and make sure they enter your application details in the system and give you a receipt for the payment.

Cost of Postal Department Address Proof ID card: Rs 270+ for normal, 600+ for Tatkal.Postal The official processing time is Upto 3 months for normal, 15-20 days for Tatkal.Note that Tatkal option may only be available at regional/main post offices and not small ones.

During this time a post man will physically come to your house and verify your address.

Step 4 – Get a Certificate of Identity
Find a Group A or Group B gazetted officer or a municipal councillor and convince them about your situation, to issue you a certificate of Identity attested by them on letterhead. India Post Address Proof card may help you convince the officer to issue you the certificate of identity.
Take a photocopy of their office identity card. Here is a template of the certificate to be printed on their letterhead.

Here are a few examples of gazetted officers

  • Group A :
    • Police officers (Circle Inspector and above).
    • Principals of Government Colleges and above.
    • Vice-Chancellor To Assistant Registrars, Principals & Faculty Members Of Central & State Universities,
    • Readers and above of Universities.
    • Additional District Civil surgeons.
    • Executive Engineers and above.
    • District Medical Officer and above.
    • Lt. Col and above.
    • Patent Examiner.
    • Officers of state cadres of Assistant commissioner and above
    • Central & State Governments Employees With Group A Service Rules (IAS, IES, IFS, SDPO, DIB, CP, DGP, JCP, IGP, ADLCP, DIG, DCP, SSP, DCP, SP, ASP, ACP, DSP, COLONEL etc
    • Scientists (In Govt. Funded Research Org)
  • Group B :
    • Section Officers.
    • BDO (Block Development Officers).
    • SDO (Sub Divisional Officer)
    • Tahsildars.
    • Income Tax & Revenue Officers
    • Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals.
    • Assistant Executive Engineers.
    • Lecturers in Government colleges.
    • Headmaster of Government high schools.
    • 2nd Lieutenant to Major.
    • Magistrates.
    • Drugs Inspector (State Govt Service)
    • Senior & (AAO) Asst Audit/Accts Officers of (IA&AD) (Cag) Indian P&T Accts & Fin Services & Section

Step 5 – Apply for Aadhaar Card | Cost – ₹30
Go to a private bank which is a permanent Aadhaar enrollment center. I went to Axis Bank (Vivek Vihar Branch)
Documents Required = Proof of Identity( Certificate of Identity from gazetted officer) + Proof of Address(post office ID card or
Certificate of Identity from gazetted officer) + Proof of DOB + Affidavit copy + newspaper copy

Step 6 – Apply for PAN Card | Cost – ₹100
If you already have one in the old name:
Proof of Identity + Proof of Address + Proof of DOB + New Aadhaar card + Document supporting changes sought: copy of Certificate of Identity issued by the gazetted Officer (attach the copy of officer’s identity card) + Affidavit copy + newspaper copy
If you don’t have one in the old name just use the new Aadhaar card to apply.

Step 7 – Apply for Passport | Cost – ₹1500/2000
Documents you need:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Class X marksheet / Birth Certificate / Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year
  4. 2 Original Newspapers
    (You can do this offline as well as online. I published the Ad through in The Hindu under Public Notice. After the Ad gets published I would recommend purchasing 7-8 copies of the newspaper as it will not be available later and the authorities ask for the originals. Cost – ₹1550 (depends on the newspaper and booking agency))
  5. Gender Dysphoria Certificate
  6. Old Passport(If available)
    To change the gender marker you need to go to the Passport seva Kendra office.

We thank Kabir for writing this article for us.


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