How to find a trans friendly Psychiatrist?


Every person has biases and so do the psychiatrists. You might encounter transphobic psychiatrists. Look out for the following red signals when you meet your psychiatrist.

  1. Asking for parental consent: After the age of 18, everyone can access Gender Affirmative Care without parental consent. Moreover, a doctor forcing an individual to come out to their family and friends is definitely unacceptable.
  2. Hospitalisation: Diagnoses of gender incongruence doesn’t require hospitalisation. It is generally in an outpatient set up which can take upto 6 months. 
  3. Conversation Therapy: The best treatment for gender incongruence is to let trans people live in their desired gender. Any suggestions by the doctor to make you “normal” is wrong. ‘Transition’ is the only scientifically approved treatment for gender dysphoria.
  4. Withholding medical documents: Some doctors like to work in their own teams for their comfort and sometimes for their commissions. Eg: directly sending your reports to an  endocrinologist. Do not fall into these traps. It is your sovereign right to have all your medical documents regardless of the reasons provided. No hospital or doctor can take it from you.
  5. Sexual orientation VS gender identity: Sexual orientation and gender identity are different and independent of each other. Eg: if you are trans lesbian or trans gay or trans asexual, the doctor might refuse to give gender incongruence certificate. Such psychiatrists deem that the individual is confused. They can’t understand why you want to change your gender when you are attracted to the opposite gender or your gender assigned at birth. They believe that you are immature and confused while trying to complicate your life. Stay away from doctors that do not even understand such basic concepts.
  6. R.L.E. (real life experience): R.L.E. means to live in your desired gender. This is a prerequisite for surgery along with HRT. HRT moulds your body towards your desired gender. Thus, you can experience living in your desired gender. Some transphobic doctors use it as a marker in GD diagnosis. It is unethical and unscientific. It can also be dangerous and traumatic.                

According to the 7th edition of WPATH standard of care manual, RLE is not a requirement for availing HRT or top surgery or for laser hair removal . 

  1. Non-binary identities: No doctor has the right to define your gender identity. Your gender marker is your choice alone. You should bid farewell to doctors that do not accept Non binary identities or issue certificates to Non binary people. 
  2. If you are looking for a trans friendly doctor in your city, then you can look it up transgender India’s “Trans Genie”. The following link will connect you with the Trans Genie. 

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