How long will it take me to recover from Vaginoplasty? By Dr. Salil Patil

Everyone who is going for surgery is trying to keep a certain duration in mind so as to either, take a vacation for that time period from work, plan their travel and expenses and create a proper itinerary or just merely for knowledge. So it is important that we find out what is the duration for recovery in the case of Vaginoplasty?

Post-surgery hospitalization

Dr Salil Patil reminds us, “Like we have discussed before, post-surgery it will take 3-5 days of hospitalization. You should stay that duration.”

Home Recovery

“After going home”, Dr Salil advises, ” At least take a week out for yourself.”

“Every person is different. Everyone has different recovery times, they have different stamina, some people are slower some are more active.”


“It also depends on your work profile. Can you work from home? Are you comfortable sitting up for a long duration to work on your desktop?”

“Medically, you can start working in 4-5 days.”

“If you are comfortable then you should definitely start working as soon as possible. Because as occupied as you are in your schedules and as busy you are in your schedule, the recovery then, even the mental recovery is much faster.”


Dr Salil suggests, “But practically, what I would suggest is that even after you get discharged from the hospital you should spend the week on yourself. And after that depending on how comfortable you are, you can join again. Because inactivity is also not good for you.”

Do I need someone to accompany me for my Vaginoplasty?

So for the surgery and the recovery post-surgery would we need someone around? Is an attendant necessary for Vaginoplasty? Dr Salil Patil answers all these questions:

It feels nice

Dr Salil smiles as he acknowledges, “When someone is there for you it feels nice. So may it be a relative or a friend or someone who is supporting you. So you’ll feel mentally, psychologically and emotionally secure if someone is there for you.”

It’s not compulsory

But, Dr Salil highlights, “It is not compulsory.”

“Some people might not want to inform anyone about this, and some people want to deal with it independently.”

What if I need any help?

Well, Dr Salil assures us, “If there is any kind of help that you need we will help you with it.”

“So someone being there for you isn’t compulsory. If you want help with getting up, changing, going to the washroom and all that, it will be taken care of you. You really don’t have to worry about that part. So it is perfectly fine if you don’t bring anyone along.”

Not an exclusive criteria

“You can do it by yourself. There is no legal requirement for anyone either. If you want to do it alone, you can do it alone. If you want to bring someone along then your experience will be a little more comfortable but it is not any exclusive criteria or a cross-point.”


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