How long should I stay in the hospital after my Vaginoplasty? by Dr. Salil Patil

Hospital Stay

So, Dr Salil Patil suggests, “you’ll have to see what surgery you want to do first, according to that we will decide.”

Admission process

Dr Salil suggests, “For admission, I’d suggest that you should get admitted the evening prior to the surgery. If that would go ahead then we can clear your bowel and such, that also depends on which surgery you are going for. If you are going for bowel, peretoneal fold or penis skin.”


Penis Inversion

“If your surgery is completed by today morning and you come out by the afternoon then, post surgery, if you go for penis skin, then what we do is we place a mold inside. Its a balloon type object which makes sure that the shape is maintained, plus to avoid bleeding. So for penis inversion what I advise is that you stay in the hospital for 2-3 nights at least. This is because the urine tube, in the urethra that is, a cathedar is placed from which the urine will get out. So generally what we do is that we keep that tube inside for 7-10 days. So I would advise that you should stay back in the hospital for at least three days. Once, you are comfortable getting up, you can go to the washroom yourself and can go ahead with the basic routine say you can walk from Point A to Point B or walk up the stairs and come down. After that you can go home, provided it is not too big a travel. If it is too far to travel then we want to make sure that you can travel properly and that you can come back whever for a follow-up. That is as far as penis inversion technique is concerned.”

Bowel Surgery

“So the second surgery that we can talk of, is the bowel or the colon technique which uses the colon or the bowel. In it there will be a surgery from both the stomach and the genital area. Till your colon’s function isn’t normal, till you are able to pass your stool normally, till you start eating normally. Till everything isn’t okay again you have to stay in the hospital, and that is approximately 3-5 days.”

Peritoneal Fold

Peritoneal fold also takes the same duration so hospitalisation and admission are between 3-5 days.

How long should I stay in Pune?

Dr Salil addressed the question of how long should one stay in Pune or nearby the hospital. “Stitches come after the surgery. So ideally, if you go to the place where your surgery is done then it will also be an additional follow-up. So 10-12 days is how long it takes to take out the stitches. That will also be the duration till when the urine tube will be taken out. So if it is possible, definitely yes, if you can stay nearby for your surgery for a week then that would be the ideal case. If it isn’t logistically possible, there are many issues and social reasons so you have to leave. Then go to your local doctors and local practitioners we can coordinate and do it in the proper schedule.


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