Frequently Asked Questions about Talk

Why is it not allowed to share contact details publicly?

We envision Transgender India as a forum where the trans community, and their allies, can come together for support, help and extend the visibility of the trans movement, online and offline. That said, we do still need to be aware of our environment – we are still on the Internet, after all!

Therefore, we strongly discourage and prohibit disclosing personal details such as phone numbers, addresses, or email ID. It may be on a thread here, but as a public site/forum, this information is accessible by all. Transgender India cannot police the views on these

Why is it not allowed to direct members to other online discussion forums?

There are two main reasons why this is not allowed:

  • Talk tries to bring Transgender people and their allies together to share ideas and have healthy, progressive discussions on how to take the community and movement for visibility and equality forward. Redirecting people to other online platforms will divide people, instead of bringing them together.
  • By keeping the information available on the Talk, we also build an archive that is reusable for everyone on the internet.

Is it allowed to publish an announcements of my organization?

We are happy to share the word about all transgender activities conducted by other organization.

However we cannot accept an overload of announcements on the talk forum. Kindly contact us before posting: Maybe we can even make an announcement on our blog. Announcements which are posted without approval may be deleted by the moderator.

How do I send a private message to a talk member?

Simply start a thread on Talk, and then invite the member, or members, that you would like to chat with, to this thread. Only members who are invited to the thread can view, or participate in the discussion.

If you start a thread and do not invite anyone specifically, it automatically becomes a public thread, open to all members to comment.