Dr. Richie Gupta: A Pioneer in Transgender Surgery ?

Dr. Richie Gupta’s background includes a wealth of experience in caring for transgender patients. It would be interesting to learn about the beginnings of his career and his successes.

Why did Dr Richie Gupta specialize in GRS?

Gender Reassignment Surgery is a rare and highly specialized field that Dr. Richie Gupta has been working in for the past 29 years. He remembers, “As a young plastic surgeon starting out 29 years ago, I had no exposure to Gender Reassignment Surgeries as it was a relatively new field with few doctors and patients.”
A transman patient seeking to transition FTM made an impact on Dr. Richie Gupta. “The patient was significantly taller than myself as they sat across from me,” he recalls. “With limited experience in transitioning, I asked the patient to get some tests done and took it upon myself to increase my knowledge on the subject of transitioning . With extensive knowledge on the subject, Dr. Richie Gupta started performing procedures for top surgery and hysterectomy. He presented his cases at various meetings and his interests broadened. “We have grown from a small base of 5-6 patients to now serving 250 patients each year,” he explains. These surgeries are a crucial aspect of the surgical work at Fortis, accounting for 50%.

Transgender Surgeries that Dr Richie Gupta undertakes in Fortis

For a prolonged period, Fortis has been at the forefront of Transgender surgeries in India. Dr. Gupta heads the team and informs that all types of surgeries can be performed at Fortis, including FTM, MTF, and accompanying surgeries like thyroid chondroplasty and voice change surgery. Routine plastic surgeries like liposuction and vaginoplasty are also available.



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