Does vaginoplasty hold the risk of HIV transmission? by Dr Salil Patil

Dr Salil Patil believes that this is a very important question that needs to be answered.


“Every tissue, has its very own property. It’s toughness is different. If you consider your own skin then it is tough. It doesn’t let things get inside.”

Penile skin technique

Dr Salil Patil believes that this makes penile skin technique better. “So this is why if we use penile skin technique, safe practices are extremely important and advisable, but if for any reason say if there is an accident and there is going to be some kind of transmission then skin is a good barrier against it. There are very less chances that it will travel through the skin and infect the body. I won’t say there are zero chances but they are very less. If your skin isn’t injured and you don’t have any scars then you are good.”

Not complete guarantee

“This is not a 100 percent guarantee though,” Dr Salil agrees, “It is not like that just because you have used your penile skin, you wouldn’t need any protection. Always use protection when you don’t know things about your partner but chances with only penis skin is a little less. You can say the same thing about the skin grafting technique.”


Dr Salil says, “The covering of the bowel, is like the vaginal covering, wherein the chances of injury are higher and things can pass through it easily. The bowel’s work is to absorb things and assimilate them into the blood stream while the skin is the protective barrier that keeps things out. So through the bowel there are bacteria and virus that could lead to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like gonnorrhea, HIV etc. The chances of them passing through the bowel are more. So basically, the person who has gone through sigmoid colon that person has definitely a higher risk of transmission than the others. Despite using protection, say whatever you want, technically, it has more risk attached to it.”


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