Do you need to stop HRT before SRS ?

This is a query that comes up a lot of the time before surgery. A trans person on Hormone medication has to stop taking them right before surgery. Dr Salil Patil clarifies this by saying, “Yes stopping your HRT before surgery is a good practice, and it is a compulsory practice.”

How do hormones affect your body?

Dr Salil Patil explains what hormones do to us, “The thing about hormones is that they affect your body, and they change the blood flow of the body. Well, not exactly blood flow but the quality of the blood changes. The blood becomes stickier than before because of these hormones.”

How does it affect the surgery?

Dr. Patil explains that when on an operation table we are lying there for a prolonged period of time, “During the surgery, we are not moving, we stay completely still on the bed for a long period of time, so in these cases, the chances of there forming blood clots increases if you are still on your HRT medication.

So this is why, before the surgery, at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery, we need to stop the Hormone Treatment.”

The properties of your blood aren’t normal then the chances of a blood clot forming increases by a lot.

“So from the point of view of anesthesia, surgery as well as post-surgery recovery, it is important that HRT is stopped for a few weeks before surgery.”


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