Estrogen patches in India

Disclaimer : We are not medical doctors. This article is published only for general knowledge about Estrogen patches in India. Please consult your endocrinologist before making any changes to your HRT regime. Estrogen Patches deliver estrogens to our blood transdermally, i.e., the medicines that are...

Transition tips from a transgender women

Transition Tips
Dear Lil Sis, You are yet to begin transition and I am on the same road, a few years ahead of you. And I thought it might be a good idea to pass along a few things I’ve learned while trying to live as a...

How do I come out to friends?

Questions when coming out
Here's the message I use to "come out" to and educate people, I am sharing it here so that it may be useful to someone else, please feel free to modify to fit your details. I have come to realise and accept that...

How to change the gender marker and name

Change the gender marker legally
UPDATE: Find here new protocol for changing your gender marker The following article is outdated. Dear Sis, I have read a lot about How to change the gender marker and name in other countries. I’ve heard stories of how other girls changed their name and gender marker,...

The Limitations of MtF Transition

Dear Sis, Medical Science has come a long way w.r.t. addressing Gender Identity Disorder in the last 100 years or so. Transgender demographics are notoriously hard to pin point but it would not be outrageously to claim that thousands of individuals have transitioned medically and...