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Transgender community vs legal researchers

Lawyer hammer
Source article : In a discussion between the transgender community & the legal research a few things that resonates repeteadly is : When it comes to a gender specific bill like the transgender bill, it should have some gender specific laws such as rape laws, marriage...

Concerns of Human Rights Violations in Hijra Jamath System

Human Rights violation in hijra jamath system
Laws are not made in isolation but in a socio-economic setting. Mugging up high sounding fundamentals from the academic discourse, some people seem to forget the evidence right in front of their eyes. People are screaming about my privileges. What you fail to see...

Note on the Critique of Transgender bill India 2016

I am in receipt of an article submitted by mail. I am publishing it here with a disclaimer that the opinion is that of the author and not the Official Position of Transgender India. WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARDS In a conversation with friends I was...

Official Announcement on Not a Hijra Campaign

Rape laws in transgender bill india
I am Not A Hijra = I am Not A Hater The “I am Not A Hijra” campaign was deleted from various news media last week. The photo campaign was one of the first among the 5 awareness activities to protest against the new Transgender...

Kalki Subramaniam Transgender Fund

kalki subramaniam
PAINTINGS FROM KALKI, FOR THE TRANSGENDER CAUSE Kalki Subramaniam is a transgender rights activist, actor, writer and Founder/Director of Sahodari Foundation from Auroville, Tamil Nadu. In Indian society where transgender community is often stereotyped, Kalki has been very unconventional. Kalki is a inspirational positive role model to the...

The fault in our Transgender Bill 2015

faults in our transgender bill 2015 #thefaultinourTGbill
First of all we are happy that government took some initiative for Transgender people. This June, Odisha government gave few social welfare benefits. The provisions given by the government will change many lives, but still there are few loop holes that need to be...
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