The gender Bear

The Gender Bear Spectrum
The Gender Bear designed by the Justice for sisters, Malaysia is a perfect illustration of gender Spectrum. The illustration clearly differentiates and¬†elucidates the terms Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Biological Sex and Gender Expression.  

Binders : A Trans-Man’s Best Friend

Isn't it annoying when you try to find something that can keep your dysphoria at bay, but end up not finding anything suitable for you? Chest Binders are the cohesive armour that is a life saving instrument for trans-men going through dysphoria. Chest binders...

Orchiectomy 101

Orchiectomy also  known as Orchiectomy or orchie is a surgical procedure in which involves the removal of one or both testicles. The penis and the scrotum are however left intact. The removal of both testicles is called bilateral orchiectomy and it is the surgical...

Transgenie – Find your Transfriendly Specialist

Welcome to the TransGenie! As trans-individuals, one of our greatest struggles is often finding appropriate medical, legal or professional help. Through TransGenie, we aim to be the magic lamp that helps them begin their transition! How you can make a difference ? As an active ally/participant...

How to find a trans friendly Psychiatrist?

Every person has biases and so do the psychiatrists. You might encounter transphobic psychiatrists. Look out for the following red signals when you meet your psychiatrist. Asking for parental consent: After the age of 18, everyone can access Gender Affirmative Care without parental consent. Moreover,...