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The gender Bear

The Gender Bear Spectrum
The Gender Bear designed by the Justice for sisters, Malaysia is a perfect illustration of gender Spectrum. The illustration clearly differentiates and elucidates the terms Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Biological Sex and Gender Expression.  

What is Gender Identity?

Gender Identity mask
Gender is not what is between our legs, that’s our physical sex. It is something that is in our mind & hard wired into the sense of being ourselves. Gender identity is more of a psycho-sociological identity of an individual. Gender identity is one’s...

The basics of Binding

Chest Binding is a technique that is used to flatten or minimize the appearance of your chest. Usually, people who are uncomfortable with their chests, which causes them gender dysphoria go for binding if they cannot afford top surgery. It is important then that...


Orchidectomy is a type of surgery which involves getting your testes removed. Testicles are those endocrine glands that create testosterone. And testosterone is a very masculine hormone that makes our body much more masculine. But through Orchidectomy, this hormone can be blocked. The operation Orchidectomy is...

Binders : A Trans-Man’s Best Friend

Isn't it annoying when you try to find something that can keep your dysphoria at bay, but end up not finding anything suitable for you? Chest Binders are the cohesive armour that is a life saving instrument for trans-men going through dysphoria. Chest binders...