Can laser hair removal with HRT?- Dr Debamalya Sanyal, an experienced HRT specialist answers

If you want to go through laser hair removal then you might be wondering if HRT will cause any issues with the same. Well, Dr Debamalya Sanyal is here to answer your query.

When can I start?

You can start your laser hair removal treatment before HRT or during your HRT.

Advantage of starting with HRT

There is an advantage to starting your laser hair removal treatment with HRT, Dr Sanyal explains, which is that the chances of regrowth, especially if you are on anti-androgen as well as estrogen then the chances of hair regrowth will be very less.

So whatever laser or whatever mechanical means by which you remove your hair, the other areas still have hair and the hair can come up in these areas. So if you are on HRT then the chances of that coming up will decrease especially if you are on anti-androgen and estrogen.

It will also take less number of laser hair removal sessions because of the fact that the growth will be less.

Hairfall problems

If you are having a lot of hair fall issues then Dr Sanyal says, then it is a difficult issue but it can be dealt with.

There are some topical minoxidil and finasteride creams that are available. How far they are effective is still under question.

  1. The first thing to do if you think HRT is causing these changes is to get your testosterone levels down adequately. So this is one of the places where one can prefer leuprolide because that will get the testosterone levels down.
  2. Additionally, you need to have an adequate dose of your estrogen.
  3. In some situations, there is a use of finasteride because finasteride is important for scalp hair growth.

What about Minoxidil?

Dr Sanyal says it is tried on some patients. Some patients got great results with the use of minoxidil and finasteride cream in India.

We do have minoxidil cream as well.

A few patients have benefitted from this kind of treatment. But it’s generally not for this purpose. Some may benefit but not everyone.


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