Can I pay my vaginoplasty on installments ? by Dr. Salil Patil

A lot of trans people who are looking forward to vaginoplasty to cure their gender dysphoria and cannot go through with it because of the costs. So paying the fees in instalments and as an EMI would make it easier for them to afford this life-saving surgery.

Chrysalis and EMI

Dr Salil Patil assures, “yes at Chrysalis we definitely offer an EMI system. So what happens in it is that some of your details are needed in it.

  1. An ID proof
  2. Bank statement or salary slip to make sure that you have some sort of income.


So the procedure is that if you meet all the criteria above then you don’t have to pay the entire amount. You just have to pay 10 per cent of the amount at the time of surgery. For example, if the surgery is worth 2 Lakhs then you just have to pay 10 per cent of 2 Lakhs i.e. 20,000 rupees and then the rest you have to pay in 8-10 instalments. Whatever is comfortable to you, monthly and all. So by this you can your way through your surgery easily.

Should I do a vaginoplasty after an orchidectomy?

A lot of us, trans people who are going through severe gender dysphoria, see SRS to go through with orchidectomy as a life saver. In our early lives, due to lack of money and opportunities and with an increased need for gender care surgery- we go through with Orchidectomy. And after that, a few years later when we can afford SRS, we go through with vaginoplasty. We do this to avoid the masculinization of the body. But the question is, will it affect vaginoplasty?

Will orchidectomy pose a problem in vaginoplasty?

Dr Salil Patil says, “Yes there is a little difference.”

The differences it will make

Dr Salil Patil highlights the differences that orchidectomy can bring in an individual:

  1. If you go through with your orchidectomy first then your hormone levels will change in that.
  2. Some clients prefer to take out the scrotum skin, and some don’t. If we do take out the scrotum then what the doctors need to create the vagina, to create the labia, the length that we’d need, the amount gets reduced.
  3. When orchidectomy happens, your male hormones lessen in number. Because of that, the penis size starts shrinking a little, and the skin quality and tissue quality also will reduce. So if you are planning to do vaginoplasty later than the local skin that you have, the tissue quality and length wouldn’t be that good.
  4. If that happens then the doctors will have to concentrate on using different techniques like the peritoneal technique and the colon technique.

          So what should I do?

           If you have thought of doing all the techniques then you will have to think of this. If you have decided that you are okay with just an orchidectomy that is well and good, it is a personal choice.

  1. But if you want to go through with a vaginoplasty as well then waiting and watching would be better.
  2. You can use medicines and hormone therapy to reduce the effect of testosterone.
  3. You can consider paying by EMI, which would mean that you can pay small amounts of money over a long amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough money.
  4. So you should consider it because doing both surgeries would make it, technically, a little difficult. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t get good results because the quality of the skin and local tissues is a little bad, so it is slightly more difficult. So it will be better if you do it at one go.


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