3 Ways to Get Bigger Breasts for Trans People : Explained by Dr. Salil Patil

For trans people, Breast implants are a life saver, as the reduce their chest dysphoria…

But how will I get breast implants?

Dr Salil Patil says, “To get bigger chests there are three ways-

  1. Silicone Implants or Saline Implants- This is the most common one and almost everyone knows about it. In it, you can put any implant in the chest and make it bigger.
  2. Fat grafting- So in this, what we do is, take the fat out of your body using liposuction and then we can fill them in your breast.
  3. Hormone treatment

So in these three options what we are looking at is a permanent increase in breast size.

Silicone Implants

Of these three, the first one is implants: Implants are made either from silicone or from saline.

Silicone implants

They come in different sizes and shapes, their coverings are also different in texture- some are smooth and some are textured.


In one single surgery you can get the size and shape that you desire.

Saline Implants

Dr Salil says, “It’s the same thing with silicone implants they also come in different shapes and sizes. The only difference is in the feel. But the results for the both of them are almost similar and can be achieved in one time surgery.”

Fat Grafting

“The second thing”, as Dr Salil points out, “is fat grafting. So the people who don’t want implants, who don’t want any such forms in their body for whatever reason, then we can use fat grafting. Fat is available in all our bodies, unless it is a really lean person, very skinny, you find fat. Liposuction is used to take that fat out of our body and then taking that fat we filter it out and process it then inject it into your breast.


The fat, Dr Salil explains, is a living thing.

  1. For the fat to survive it needs blood supply. So whatever fat you put into the body, for example 100 ML fat is inserted in your body. Then till that 100ML fat gets blood supply, around 30 percent of it gets dissolved. This is the limitation of this technique.
  2. And we cannot do much to increase it. So if you are putting 100ML inside then around 60-70 percent will stay inside permanently.
  3. And at one time, in one breast you can only put approximately 250Mls and not more than that. So if you are wondering that we can put more so that more survives then that is not really possible.
  4. Breasts have a certain capacity, at one time it is possible to only think about how much it can sustain in itself, how much can stay inside. So at one time, you can only get a limited amount of increase with fat grafting.
  5. If you want increased size of breasts then you have to wait for every three months till your breast has become adequate, then you can do breast fat grafting.
  6. Because they have to be done multiple times they are not as popular.

Grafting and Implants

So, a good use of grafting and implants can be done according to Dr Salil wherein the patient wants fullness in certain areas so we can combine both the methods and get a desirable shape.


Finally, we come to hormones. “So when you start hormone therapy especially after your bottom surgery when you have taken out the source of testerone from your body, and you have started your hormone technique then what it does is it brings about desirable changes in your body. If your body is already a little lumped, that is, it has fat deposition in the chest area near the shoulder blades then most hormone therapy will prove fruitful wherein you will see a lot of development in yourself. Even though it is not a proper breast size, it is a significantly good size. So after that you can decide because it might seem to you that you can use a little fat grafting and it can become proper or maybe you don’t want to.”

But mainly, using the implant method is the most common way to get the desirable size of breasts.



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